Pumpkin Spice Success


It’s been a while since I’ve had a pumpkin win and boy let me tell you, it was much needed. I’ve been feeling a little bit like a failure lately with this blog. I mean, it’s entertaining to watch somebody struggle and fail (did I just admit that?) but fail after fail gets a little exhausting. I’m proud to say these cookies turned out awesome. So awesome that I actually shared them with friends and family.


Pumpkin Sugar Cookies / Pumpkin Frosting (Click for the recipes)

These little pumpkin treats were easy to make. They’re pretty standard sugar cookies, just with a few extra spices. There’s no actual pumpkin in the cookies, but it tastes like it because really, when we eat pumpkin anything, we’re mostly just tasting the cinnamon and cloves. To be honest, I didn’t read the recipe in full before I started making them. When I realized it didn’t actually call for pumpkin, I panicked a bit and decided on the pumpkin frosting. I typically wouldn’t bother with the frosting since I’m not a fan, but I needed to fill the pumpkin quota and this was an easy enough way to do it. Overall, I stuck to the recipes 100%, I did everything they told me, and the cookies (and frosting) turned out well. I’d rate these bad boys 9/10 and am going to make them again in the future.


Something I’m struggling with is finding recipes I actually want to make. I mentioned before that I wanted to make things that are slightly more healthy, which I can do fairly easily. But now I’m struggling again – I want to find recipes slightly less… pumpkiny. I’ll admit it. I’m getting really sick of eating pumpkin daily and I’m only about half way in. I feel like my life is a small scale version of that scene in Matilda where Miss Trenchbull forces the fat kid into eating the entire chocolate cake on the stage infront of everyone. Except in this version, I am both Miss Trenchbull and the fat kid. As you can see, it’s a bit of an inner struggle. But, I have committed to this which means 16 more days of eating pumpkin. I can do it.


It’s no surprise I’m a vain person who enjoys having her picture taken. Because of that, I’ll leave you with another picture from the Windsor pumpkin festival.


Until next time,



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